I’m a gluten-free girl with a passion for genealogy. My first car was a yellow VW Beetle. I’m happily unconventional about education {homeschooled}, feminism {complementarianist}, family {the more the merrier!}, and fashion {vive la modestement!}.

My parents are New Yorkers but I was born in Virginia and raised in North Carolina, making me a Northern American Hybrid. I grew up as part of the Squicciarini family, well-known around town due to my gregarious father. I spent a few years working for my grandfather and then transitioned to managing operations for the family business, Quo Vadis LLC.

In March 2011 I married Gregory Aaron Bartos, and over the next few years we were blessed with four precious children: Sophia Ruth {b. March 2012}, Zoe Esther {b. October 2013}, Aaron Henry {b. June 2015}, and Eva Joelle {b. November 2017}. My current career is a full-time position as chatelaine of our home and teacher at Brookhaven Bible School (our homeschool). I love these #bartosberries with all my heart even though they keep me on my toes!

As a family, we are committed to living in accordance with Scripture. I chose the name torahgirl for this blog to express my goal of being a woman who loves God + keeps His commandments. I continually marvel at God’s unmerited goodness to me. Kol haKavod… to Him be all the glory.


2 thoughts on “moi”

  1. Oh I am blessed to have come across your blog. Mazel Tov on the blessing of your beloved in utero! I look forward to reading more about it. May you have a delightful Shabbat!

    1. Thank you Emily!! Shabbat shalom to you as well! And congratulations on YOUR new arrival – how exciting! Ishiyah is a beautiful baby. =) I just read the story of her birth – it’s so encouraging to hear about a calm, successful “overdue” home birth! Raspberry will be my first, so I am learning as much as I can from others. =)


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