shiva asar b’tammuz | 17 tammuz


  • study the history of this day (this is a great place to start)
  • skip snacks & treats so the day feels more somber
  • read Exodus 32.11-14, 34.1-10 and Isaiah 55.6-56.8; focus on the themes of repentance and forgiveness
  • draw a picture of the broken walls of Jerusalem or the smashed tablets


  • fast from sunrise to sunset (adults); for kids, stick to simple foods throughout the day
  • daven Shacharit as a family and add the Avinu Malkeinu prayer
  • watch Aleph Beta’s video “How is 17 Tammuz relevant today?


  • host a gathering, one of the daily prayer services or an evening discussion that ends with breaking the fast together

May we merit to make Hashem feel welcome in our homes, our lives and our lands. May this Tisha B’av be a day of holiness and joy in the cities of Yehuda and the courtyards of Yerushalayim.