ode to Isaac + Christine

{Background on Christine… Out of four sisters, Christine is “the pretty one,” the one most likely to be a model – vibrant, expressive, and sophisticated. She’s a bubbly party girl, a bon vivant, a talented artist, a creative genius, a hilarious comedienne, and a wealth of information. She has excellent taste, displayed in her fashionable […]

wedding week {Julianna}

So. My sister Julianna got married last week. {!!} Still somewhat hard to believe. She and her husband, my brother-in-law Joshua Spurlock, are honeymooning in the city of love this week… and once they return, there will officially be two of us in what is becoming a select group of married Squicciarini girls who live […]

starting a new year

We’ve reached half a year! Sophia was 6 months old yesterday. Wonder if I’ll be so meticulous in tracking small milestones with future children… {grin} So, an update. Sophia Ruth is a little over 13lbs… she is about 2′ tall, with soft light brown hair and big blue eyes. I think she looks like a […]

14 Weeks

This week we passed the 3-month mark, as I mentioned, and celebrated by hosting a “housewarming” party Monday night. There were about 20 people here, our largest social occasion to date… {grin} and we had a great time! The evening centered around the performance of a mitzvah {as it should} – affixing our mezuzah to […]

2 Months & Pictures!

A few weeks back, Greg & I went up to Southpark for a wedding photo shoot… which Julianna posted about on the Squicciarini Family blog. Here’s a few of our pictures! Last night we had dinner guests with a particular purpose – Greg wanted to thank my dad for his business advice + help, including […]

reflections after 1 month

Yesterday as I put clothes away + straightened up the house, I felt a sudden wave of indignation for Golde {in Fiddler on the Roof} when Tevye asks if she loves him. OF COURSE she does! She spends her days cooking, cleaning, and raising children for him – what more proof of love do you […]

first anniversary

So… it’s our one month anniversary. {grin} I know, these tiny milestones might seem silly. It’s all part of enjoying married life. Greg & I looked at each other this morning and we both said “I love being married to you!” I even got a “happy anniversary” text message from a very thoughtful sister {thank […]