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no place like home

We bought a house today. {!!!}

After a few months of searching, we found an adorable little house in the heart of Indian Trail {Union County} and made an offer on it. The negotiations concluded this morning as we signed the deed, becoming homeowners for the first time! We are thrilled at how perfectly this worked out – our apartment lease is up in a few weeks, and we are ready to transition our family into a new home. Baruch HaShem for His direction and provision every step of the way!
Time to start packing…


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a place to live

Greg & I are looking at apartments this week. It makes sense to get an apartment, at least for a little while, but there’s SO many choices in Charlotte!

On Monday we visited a place very close to The Residence in Matthews, but they were too rustic (mid-1980’s).  Tuesday we went down to Indian Trail and saw a pretty apartment complex in Union County – very bright and airy with newer appliances {yay!}. That’s our favorite one so far. Wednesday Greg checked out a location near his parents’ home in Fort Mill, but they didn’t have any renovated units available. Today we are planning to visit Ballantyne, the exclusive area of South Charlotte marked by large engraved “B’s.”

Greg has done a *super* job of keeping us organized with a complex chart of locations. He always asks questions about security, like how often police officers monitor the area + how many registered sex offenders live in a 20 mile radius, and even takes notes on what kind of cars the other residents are driving. He’s so smart… I’d be asking “are there any decent restaurants around?” or “how far is it to Southpark?”

:: things I’ve learned this week {with a nod to the Blind Fryer} ::

  • apartments really are small.
  • looks like we’ll have to settle for an electric oven.
  • terrible at visualizing either furniture or furnishings in an empty box.
  • might be a little scared about moving out of The Residence.
  • don’t like high pressure sales tactics. {like they say, if the deal is only available TODAY, don’t do it}
  • apartment shopping should be like buying diamonds… wear sunglasses so they don’t know what you’re thinking.
  • praying the right decision will be obvious.