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lake norman

Back in the spring, I asked my sister Julianna if her family would like to join us on a state park trip. She suggested September 15, at Lake Norman State Park in Mooresville. As you can see, the Spurlocks are formidable planners.

September 15 finally rolled around, and the Spurlocks met us in Mooresville at 10am sharp. It was not the cool autumn day they were hoping for; on the contrary, summer is still in full swing. It was only mid-70’s when we arrived, but it quickly warmed up to the high 80’s. We skipped into the visitor center, which is large and spacious. While we were getting our 38th (!!) passport stamp, the Spurlocks purchased a jar of local honey – in preparation for Rosh HaShanah, naturally. Continue reading “lake norman”

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Week at a glance:

  1. first experience with Greg working from home! {this is going to be a new phase for us, on weeknights and Sunday afternoons}
  2. typical date night –> madly running errands all over Charlotte, one of which was the long-overdue purchase of a new vacuum {one day we are going to buy a Miele, but for now we settled with a middle-of-the-road Bissell with excellent user feedback and a good HEPA filter}
  3. vacuumed the apartment! {grin}
  4. had a quick coffee date with Mary, continuing in Passion & Purity
  5. started using My Fitness Pal {love the iPad app!} to record food/exercise in an effort to be a little more health conscious
  6. spent an enjoyable morning visiting Diana Nunez and her lovely daughters in their new home
  7. attended the Bella Torah Kol Nidre service as a family, dressed entirely in white {per tradition}… Greg wore white slacks and a shirt, along with his kittel; I wore a white eyelet skirt with a ruffled Loft wrap top; and Sophia looked like a tiny angel in her white Ralph Lauren pjs {the description is necessary because we neglected to get a picture, due to the solemnity of the occasion}
  8. observed Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year, with {parts of} all five of the traditional prayer services – truly a day spent in prayer! {the berry & I did not fast this time… maybe next year I won’t be pregnant or nursing 🙂 }
  9. broke the fast with the Squicciarini/Spurlock families + Isaac, Brock, and Mr. Wright… bagels, lox, fruit, cheese, and a cherry tomato clafoutis made by moi {yummy, but anything would have tasted good}
  10. met Christine at Natural Blendz on Monroe for a “blue mango” smoothie followed by thrift store shopping
  11. started building our sukkah! {Greg is using the same pipe/lattice method as last year so the construction should be pretty fast}
  12. went out alone {after Sophia went to bed Thursday night, leaving her daddy here to work}… savored the carefree nature of browsing through a store with no car seat, stroller, or diaper bag {grin}
  13. had a really nice long conversation with my mom-in-law about the upcoming holidays
  14. challenged myself {along with Hannah Lorence} to walk 4 miles at the greenway in Piper Glen, and did it!
  15. made plans… {1. our “tapas & tabernacles” event next Monday; 2. what Sophia & I are going to wear to Julianna’s wedding; 3. October’s Rosh Chodesh celebration; 4. a babysitter for Sophia during Julianna’s rehearsal dinner… etc.} {help!}
  16. spent a quiet Erev Shabbat here with Greg, perusing a section of Legislating Morality {Geisler/Turek} relating to abortion
  17. yet to come: lunch/portion discussion with friends, finishing our sukkah, and making soup in preparation for tomorrow night’s party!


Baby, Bartos family, Greg & Morgan, Married Life, Squicciarini family

babysitting vs. mothering

I used to think having kids would be like full time babysitting. Turns out it’s not, at all! Which is somewhat of a relief. {I liked babysitting, but only in moderation.} There’s no sense of “when I’m done here, I’ll get back to my life,” because this IS my life! I suppose it’s the difference between caring for a child and raising a child. For instance, it’s not particularly pleasant for a babysitter to deal with poop {I always dreaded it} but I am thrilled when my own baby poops. {grin} I have never been so excited for a baby to wake up, just so I can watch her smile up at me. I am continually thankful for the great blessing of being able to stay home with her and spend our days together!

Week at a glance…

  • went to Sunday brunch + live music with Uncle Peter at Rooster’s
  • transitioned Sophia out of our room… a big development! {she’s sleeping about 9hrs each night now}
  • enjoyed date night at Starbucks pouring over homeschool catalogs & talking about curriculum, followed by a fun workout together
  • visited Healthy Home Market with Mary & scheduled final photo shoot with her for next Tuesday
  • went swimming at Grandma’s house! {but not under water this time}
  • made packing list for TN/KY trip {we leave Wednesday}
  • found Sophia in crib with no pants on… don’t know how she managed to get them off
  • spent time with Christine {“glowing” green smoothies!}, Joshua + Julianna {wedding details!}, and my mother-in-law {afternoon tea!}
  • started a new book {The Committed Life, Jungreis} and a new month {Av}, plus a “31 Days of Prayer” project with Madison & my sisters
  • yet to come: Erev Shabbat dinner with my ‘in-laws-in-law’ {the Spurlocks}, lunch tomorrow with Hannah & Matt Lorence + baby Noah, and my cousin Sarah’s high school graduation


PS: Congratulations to my friend Paulina Dodd and her husband AJ on the birth of their first child, a beautiful baby boy! {Azaryah Josiah Dodd, 10lbs!}

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Raspberry Day!

As I suspected, we didn’t get to meet Raspberry today. {sigh} I was hoping she might be among the 4% of babies who arrive on their due dates… but that’s ok. Greg made this such a fun day for me though! We cooked and cleaned together, took a walk around the park and a nap, had lunch al fresco, and spent the evening at my parents’ house where Julianna had planned an entertaining girls’ night. In between all this was Twitter chatter about how I was doing. {grin} Thankfully there weren’t any emails of inquiry, although it was a treat to get a few messages from far-away friends! {please don’t email to ask if I’ve had the baby yet. When I do, it will be posted right here, and until then, it only increases the feeling of impatience!}

Needless to say, I am so EXCITED about the week ahead!

baby trivia…

  • we have a stuffed monkey sleeping in Raspberry’s crib, dressed in a white onesie.
  • Greg has never changed a diaper.
  • whenever I do important things like taking a shower or vacuuming the house, I think “this could be the last time…”
  • I put up a shelf the other day, to hold wipes & stuff, and then it fell off the wall while I was showing it to Greg later.
  • I have started to wear the same black yoga pants every day, which is something I had promised myself would never happen. {but they are so comfy…}
  • now that the due date has officially passed, we’re starting to hear all kinds of ideas about encouraging labor to start! Apparently my in-law-in-laws, the Spurlocks, claim broccoli is a fail-proof method {eating it, I mean}. Right now I’m all about letting things take their course naturally, but as the week goes on I may change my mind about that. {wink}