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Week at a glance:

  1. first experience with Greg working from home! {this is going to be a new phase for us, on weeknights and Sunday afternoons}
  2. typical date night –> madly running errands all over Charlotte, one of which was the long-overdue purchase of a new vacuum {one day we are going to buy a Miele, but for now we settled with a middle-of-the-road Bissell with excellent user feedback and a good HEPA filter}
  3. vacuumed the apartment! {grin}
  4. had a quick coffee date with Mary, continuing in Passion & Purity
  5. started using My Fitness Pal {love the iPad app!} to record food/exercise in an effort to be a little more health conscious
  6. spent an enjoyable morning visiting Diana Nunez and her lovely daughters in their new home
  7. attended the Bella Torah Kol Nidre service as a family, dressed entirely in white {per tradition}… Greg wore white slacks and a shirt, along with his kittel; I wore a white eyelet skirt with a ruffled Loft wrap top; and Sophia looked like a tiny angel in her white Ralph Lauren pjs {the description is necessary because we neglected to get a picture, due to the solemnity of the occasion}
  8. observed Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year, with {parts of} all five of the traditional prayer services – truly a day spent in prayer! {the berry & I did not fast this time… maybe next year I won’t be pregnant or nursing πŸ™‚ }
  9. broke the fast with the Squicciarini/Spurlock families + Isaac, Brock, and Mr. Wright… bagels, lox, fruit, cheese, and a cherry tomato clafoutis made by moi {yummy, but anything would have tasted good}
  10. met Christine at Natural Blendz on Monroe for a “blue mango” smoothie followed by thrift store shopping
  11. started building our sukkah! {Greg is using the same pipe/lattice method as last year so the construction should be pretty fast}
  12. went out alone {after Sophia went to bed Thursday night, leaving her daddy here to work}… savored the carefree nature of browsing through a store with no car seat, stroller, or diaper bag {grin}
  13. had a really nice long conversation with my mom-in-law about the upcoming holidays
  14. challenged myself {along with Hannah Lorence} to walk 4 miles at the greenway in Piper Glen, and did it!
  15. made plans… {1. our “tapas & tabernacles” event next Monday; 2. what Sophia & I are going to wear to Julianna’s wedding; 3. October’s Rosh Chodesh celebration; 4. a babysitter for Sophia during Julianna’s rehearsal dinner… etc.} {help!}
  16. spent a quiet Erev Shabbat here with Greg, perusing a section of Legislating Morality {Geisler/Turek} relating to abortion
  17. yet to come: lunch/portion discussion with friends, finishing our sukkah, and making soup in preparation for tomorrow night’s party!


Baby, Bartos family, Greg & Morgan, Married Life, Squicciarini family

babysitting vs. mothering

I used to think having kids would be like full time babysitting. Turns out it’s not, at all! Which is somewhat of a relief. {I liked babysitting, but only in moderation.} There’s no sense of “when I’m done here, I’ll get back to my life,” because this IS my life! I suppose it’s the difference between caring for a child and raising a child. For instance, it’s not particularly pleasant for a babysitter to deal with poop {I always dreaded it} but I am thrilled when my own baby poops. {grin} I have never been so excited for a baby to wake up, just so I can watch her smile up at me. I am continually thankful for the great blessing of being able to stay home with her and spend our days together!

Week at a glance…

  • went to Sunday brunch + live music with Uncle Peter at Rooster’s
  • transitioned Sophia out of our room… a big development! {she’s sleeping about 9hrs each night now}
  • enjoyed date night at Starbucks pouring over homeschool catalogs & talking about curriculum, followed by a fun workout together
  • visited Healthy Home Market with Mary & scheduled final photo shoot with her for next Tuesday
  • went swimming at Grandma’s house! {but not under water this time}
  • made packing list for TN/KY trip {we leave Wednesday}
  • found Sophia in crib with no pants on… don’t know how she managed to get them off
  • spent time with Christine {“glowing” green smoothies!}, Joshua + Julianna {wedding details!}, and my mother-in-law {afternoon tea!}
  • started a new book {The Committed Life, Jungreis} and a new month {Av}, plus a “31 Days of Prayer” project with Madison & my sisters
  • yet to come: Erev Shabbat dinner with my ‘in-laws-in-law’ {the Spurlocks}, lunch tomorrow with Hannah & Matt Lorence + baby Noah, and my cousin Sarah’s high school graduation


PS: Congratulations to my friend Paulina Dodd and her husband AJ on the birth of their first child, a beautiful baby boy! {Azaryah Josiah Dodd, 10lbs!}

Baby, Greg & Morgan, Planning, Squicciarini family


Raspberry Day!

As I suspected, we didn’t get to meet Raspberry today. {sigh} I was hoping she might be among the 4% of babies who arrive on their due dates… but that’s ok. Greg made this such a fun day for me though! We cooked and cleaned together, took a walk around the park and a nap, had lunch al fresco, and spent the evening at my parents’ house where Julianna had planned an entertaining girls’ night. In between all this was Twitter chatter about how I was doing. {grin} Thankfully there weren’t any emails of inquiry, although it was a treat to get a few messages from far-away friends! {please don’t email to ask if I’ve had the baby yet. When I do, it will be posted right here, and until then, it only increases the feeling of impatience!}

Needless to say, I am so EXCITED about the week ahead!

baby trivia…

  • we have a stuffed monkey sleeping in Raspberry’s crib, dressed in a white onesie.
  • Greg has never changed a diaper.
  • whenever I do important things like taking a shower or vacuuming the house, I think “this could be the last time…”
  • I put up a shelf the other day, to hold wipes & stuff, and then it fell off the wall while I was showing it to Greg later.
  • I have started to wear the same black yoga pants every day, which is something I had promised myself would never happen. {but they are so comfy…}
  • now that the due date has officially passed, we’re starting to hear all kinds of ideas about encouraging labor to start! Apparently my in-law-in-laws, the Spurlocks, claim broccoli is a fail-proof method {eating it, I mean}. Right now I’m all about letting things take their course naturally, but as the week goes on I may change my mind about that. {wink}