wedding week {Julianna}

So. My sister Julianna got married last week. {!!} Still somewhat hard to believe. She and her husband, my brother-in-law Joshua Spurlock, are honeymooning in the city of love this week… and once they return, there will officially be two of us in what is becoming a select group of married Squicciarini girls who live […]

beach baby

Madison sent me a bunch of pictures from our visit to KY in July, and seeing them brought back fun memories of being there. {hello, Hacketts!} I haven’t seen Madison since then, but I’m hoping she is able to visit for Julianna’s wedding {NEXT MONTH} and stay with me again! So… guess where the Bartos […]

more reasons to smile

Awhile ago I read a post on Crysta Bobylev’s blog {Shalom in the Home} that I’ve been wanting to share. Today I went back to reread it and find the link to share it here. Crysta wrote a beautiful post called “Stealing Away,” drawing a comparison between nursing {special time with my baby} and the […]

4 Days

The week continues to fly by… Yesterday contained: a trip to the spa w/ mom & the girls; the purchase of a “wedding glass” to smash {finally}; a few other errands; shopping w/ friends; a unique gift from mom; and dinner at a cute place in Blakeney, Zoe’s Kitchen. Meanwhile Greg had a pizza party […]


I need a new pair of shoes {who doesn’t?!} …to go with my white dress. The dress doesn’t go past the floor, which is great for walking around but means that the shoes will be on full display at all times {ah, the pressure of finding suitable footwear}. So I looked around the internet… {including […]