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Sophia Ruth, a few hours after she was born

a picture, finally! Some of you are probably mystified why it’s taken me this long to get a photo posted! There’s an easy answer: SLEEP. {grin}

highlights of Sophia’s first two weeks of life:

  • about a thousand feedings {grin!}
  • visits from all of her Squicciarini aunts {& a few soon-to-be uncles} + both grandma’s
  • first time outdoors – a walk to the mailbox with me
  • a special blessing from her daddy at Erev Shabbat dinner
  • visits to both the Bartos & Squicciarini grandparents
  • more presents than she could imagine
  • two checkups at the birth center
  • the arrival of her social security card {yes, she’s in the system now…}