month at a glance… hosted Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Spurlock, along with my parents, for a very elegant dinner here {used my “family” china, the set of Haviland Blue Garland inherited from my great-grandmother}… thrilled to have a chance to honor the new couple in our home!! And SO proud of my husband for opting […]

wedding week {Julianna}

So. My sister Julianna got married last week. {!!} Still somewhat hard to believe. She and her husband, my brother-in-law Joshua Spurlock, are honeymooning in the city of love this week… and once they return, there will officially be two of us in what is becoming a select group of married Squicciarini girls who live […]

14 Weeks

This week we passed the 3-month mark, as I mentioned, and celebrated by hosting a “housewarming” party Monday night. There were about 20 people here, our largest social occasion to date… {grin} and we had a great time! The evening centered around the performance of a mitzvah {as it should} – affixing our mezuzah to […]

Wedding Details

~ WEDDING PLANNER{S} a collaborative effort by the Squicciarini Family LOCATION Charlotte Museum of History NUMBER OF GUESTS about 150 FLORIST the Hergenreters FLOWERS cherry red roses & pink carnations accented with camellia leaves WEDDING RING Sumpter’s of Charlotte THE DRESS vintage gown found at The Bride’s Closet in Charlotte, updated and embellished by Matthews […]

8 Days

Fantastic day celebrating the upcoming wedding. Greg was honored with the maftir portion at our service this morning, and everyone loved my orange-coconut cake! Mr. Spurlock even sang the Sheva Berachot for us – our first time being “blessed.” {yay} Wore the new bright pink skirt Julianna brought me from Israel… love it! Felt like […]


Well, we almost got away with a little inconsistency. We almost had a full “Jewish wedding” without giving up one tiny area of standard American behavior.┬áThank you, Julianna, for bringing this to my attention… {wink} Jewish weddings have a pattern of sevens. The bride makes seven circles around the groom, binding herself to him irrevocably… […]