easy gluten free challah tutorial

I’ve been using a recipe¬†from Chaviva Gordon-Bennett’s blog (“the best gluten free challah recipe you’ll find!“) since the beginning of 2015, and I’ve come up with a few ways to streamline and simplify it. If you thought gluten free challah¬†was overwhelming, give this one a try! It’s easy enough that I’ve been able to make […]


month at a glance… hosted Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Spurlock, along with my parents, for a very elegant dinner here {used my “family” china, the set of Haviland Blue Garland inherited from my great-grandmother}… thrilled to have a chance to honor the new couple in our home!! And SO proud of my husband for opting […]

beach baby

Madison sent me a bunch of pictures from our visit to KY in July, and seeing them brought back fun memories of being there. {hello, Hacketts!} I haven’t seen Madison since then, but I’m hoping she is able to visit for Julianna’s wedding {NEXT MONTH} and stay with me again! So… guess where the Bartos […]

paddle boarding

Recently I’ve heard some attachment-parenters {I’m not one, but I have a few good friends who are} talk about the incredible bond they have with their babies, from co-sleeping, baby-wearing, and demand-feeding… and I want to note, for the record, that I have a pretty terrific bond with my own little girl! Sophia has never […]


Sophia turned 4 months old this week! She is 11lbs 5oz… a strong healthy baby with almost enough weight to be called chubby. {wink} What people notice most is her smile – she glows with contagious happiness almost all the time. I pray this would continue to be the case as she grows older! What […]