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january {2013}

since Hanukkah…

  1. my exceptionally talented brother has released his second album, to great acclaim. If you don’t have it yet, what are you waiting for?! {click here for more details} Which reminds me, Pete’s blog is amazing. I’ve almost decided to stop writing and just read what he comes up with. His posts can be pretty deep – even Sophia doesn’t always understand them. Take a look at and see what you think.
  2. we moved! Our worldly possessions {which turned out to be quite a bit more sizable than we thought} have been transferred from Haven Ridge Lane in Charlotte to our new residence on Lauren Drive in Indian Trail, thanks to our fabulous Bella Torah community. So here we are, in our mid-twenties, owning a house! {technically, I suppose we own a part of it, for now} I absolutely love our new home. It’s an endearing little place, asking politely to be taken care of. The outside is a cheerful yellow; the inside is full of wallpapered borders. Sophia has her own room {for now, as my mother-in-law would say with a wink}, Greg has space to work, and I sometimes get lost in the kitchen because it’s so large. The only part left of moving in is to hang our mezuzah, which we plan to do before the end of January.
  3. my grandfather turned 75! The entire family {core Squicciarini group + Bartos segment + Spurlock segment + Alexander segment} went to Vero Beach, FL to celebrate with him! The memories I have from this trip are wonderful. I can still hardly believe we were all there! The night we arrived, we had a surprise birthday party for Poppop at the Grand Harbor club. It was a huge success! {click here for the video of his entrance, courtesy of my uncle Adam Berlin.} Kudos to Nana on an incredible job planning the party and coordinating the details of our visit. Greg & I stayed for a few days, enjoyed every moment with my grandparents, used their hot tub as much as possible, and even took a drive down to Pompano Beach to see Greg’s grandma one day.
  4. 2013 has started! Wow. It’s the year my baby berry turns 1. The year Christine gets married. The year my parents celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. And much more, of course. We “rang in the new year” with a mellow soiree at Isaac’s townhouse followed by a black & white movie at home… since we are no longer frivolous Young Things but responsible parents.
  5. we’re doing the Whole30 challenge through January! We were inspired by Christine and Isaac, who carefully researched this plan and put a lot of thought into determining they would do it. {“Planning and Preparation Are Key,” the Whole Nine website announces.} We, on the other hand, jumped into it hastily with great enthusiasm but little forethought, resulting in a few oddly mismatched lunches and some moments of panic at breakfast time. However, I’m happy to report we’re almost halfway through the challenge now and going strong! After a trip to Costco and several runs to Trader Joe’s, our fridge is brimful with fresh veggies and meat. The Whole30 plan cuts out sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, dairy, and chemicals {very similar to the paleo plan}. It focuses on vegetables and protein, with fruit and nuts in a minor role. I think it’s going to be a great “reset” for our family! So far, I’ve had the chance to explore new cooking methods, like making a balsamic vinegar reduction and creating my own pecan butter {yummy!}. The new diet has been an adjustment for Sophia as well… in terms of nursing, like switching from caramel frappuccinos to straight black coffee, I suspect. We’ll see how the rest of the month goes! I expect to be zipping around town with tons of energy and radiating good health.


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no place like home

We bought a house today. {!!!}

After a few months of searching, we found an adorable little house in the heart of Indian Trail {Union County} and made an offer on it. The negotiations concluded this morning as we signed the deed, becoming homeowners for the first time! We are thrilled at how perfectly this worked out – our apartment lease is up in a few weeks, and we are ready to transition our family into a new home. Baruch HaShem for His direction and provision every step of the way!
Time to start packing…


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fall is here

{two} Weeks at a glance:

  • celebrated Simchat Torah by reading the entire Torah in one evening {1 hour, 3 mins!} with our wonderful community! {for a fantastic review, check out this post}
  • continued Passion & Purity with Mary and the Matthews Bible study with my Matthews ladies {!}
  • attended a bachelorette party for Julianna {BY MYSELF!! – Greg was home with the berry}, hosted by Christine & Mary at the “Squicciarini Urban Farm + Theater” …watched Father of the Bride & enjoyed my first cup of hot cocoa this season {yay for winter!}
  • made my annual visit to Matthews Historic Cemetery for my grandmother’s yahrzeit, along with Mums + the girls… there is a beautiful prayer in the siddur that we read at the gravesite, followed by teatime back at home. It was emotional to bring Sophia for the first time, almost as if I were introducing her… and I have been thinking about expanding our yahrzeit tradition as there are more grandchildren, over the next few years.
  • relaxing Erev Shabbat dinner at The Residence with my family, Ana Sochia, Jonathan Upham, Johnnie May, his daughter Gabby, and Jennie Gonzalez {I brought Giada’s mushroom crostada, always a hit}
  • Sophia’s first “kid” activity!!! My baby went with a group of Bella Torah children -without me!- to christen Josh & Julianna’s new {empty} apartment with a visit {I was told she listened respectfully to Uncle Joshua’s Bible teaching and behaved herself quite well}
  • helped friends & family move Josh & Julianna into their apartment + Isaac into his new townhouse, complete with two mezuzah-hangings afterward…
  • hosted a SURPRISE lingerie shower for Julianna on Rosh Chodesh Heshvan… a huge thank-you to Angela Voskuil & Rachel Allison for helping me put the party together! We nibbled on strawberries & Godiva truffles, sipped chocolate wine, opened {gorgeous!} gifts, and played a fabulous game of lingerie Taboo… so much fun!
  • visited Ana Sochia for cinnamon tea + Irish oatmeal and a fascinating story about her life
  • escorted by my dashing husband to Julianna’s rehearsal –> dinner… first down to Rock Hill to see the stunning wedding venue {Brakefield at Riverwalk} and then on to Georges Brasserie in Southpark for an absolutely delicious dinner of fresh trout! {Amelia Perez was kind enough to berrysit all evening for us}
  • visited Bartoast {Greg’s parents} for brunch with Aunt Julie & Uncle Jim… I brought Aran Goyoaga’s delicious toasted muesli, and we had a delightful time catching up + a walk in the neighborhood
  • dropped in on the CCMC birthday party to see my dear friend Jackie, meet her daughter & grandson, swap baby clothes, and show off my beautiful Sophia {grin}… also had the chance to meet Greg’s new business associate, Eric Fransen
  • yet to come: wedding week!