wedding week {Julianna}

So. My sister Julianna got married last week. {!!} Still somewhat hard to believe. She and her husband, my brother-in-law Joshua Spurlock, are honeymooning in the city of love this week… and once they return, there will officially be two of us in what is becoming a select group of married Squicciarini girls who live […]

a Sukkot to remember

Sophia is starting to test our authority! She has become more willful in the last few weeks, wanting to grab things and shrieking loudly when she cannot have something. Yikes. Greg is determined that we will train her to be a calm and obedient child. It is hard to be firm with such an adorable […]

3 Days

Blessed are You, Adonai my G-d, King of the universe, Who has kept me alive, sustained me and, through one miracle after another, has brought me to this time. Amen. *can’t believe* how much happened today… We were supposed to go grocery shopping this morning, have lunch at the apartment, and do a mikveh there. […]

4 Days

The week continues to fly by… Yesterday contained: a trip to the spa w/ mom & the girls; the purchase of a “wedding glass” to smash {finally}; a few other errands; shopping w/ friends; a unique gift from mom; and dinner at a cute place in Blakeney, Zoe’s Kitchen. Meanwhile Greg had a pizza party […]


The custom of a bride immersing herself right before her wedding is an important part of Judaism. Mikveh, like the Christian idea of baptism, indicates a change of status. There’s a mikveh in Boston called Mayyim Hayim {living waters}, with a fantastic website – I would LOVE to visit them someday. They have an outline […]

14 Days

The trip to Asheville, to pick up our chuppah, ended up being even better than we had hoped. We left this morning around 10am, and went straight to Posana Cafe for a delicious gluten-free brunch. Greg and I have decided we want to invest in Posana stock. We love that place! Then we met our […]