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My second prenatal visit at Carolina Community Maternity Center {CCMC} was last Wednesday, and this is probably a good time to bring you all up to date on our decision about a care provider! We have chosen to work with a midwife at CCMC and deliver Raspberry there, B”H. After carefully evaluating all the facts, seeking guidance from family, and asking direction from G-d, we are confident this is the best option for us.

I am still getting to know Leigh {my midwife}, but so far we have had two excellent visits. She is friendly and down-to-earth in a calm, capable way… reminding me a little bit of my Aunt Tina because she is extremely level-headed and basically knows all the answers. {grin} Leigh is also impressively prompt with emails. Here is a recent exchange:

Me: Leigh, I’ve been told I should be drinking a gallon of water each day. Is this true?  That seems like a lot. Wouldn’t it depend on the size of a person? Help!

Leigh: A gallon a day!  That’s quite the overstatement!  Half a gallon a day is plenty, and that’s assuming you aren’t getting much fluid otherwise.  My advice is to carry water with you at all times and drink whenever you get thirsty.  When you drink something, try to make it water as often as possible.  Never quench your thirst with a sugary drink.  (If you want to sip on something sweet, do it after you’ve drunk water, so you’re not tempted to take too much.)  All the liquid in your diet contributes to your overall hydration, so things like fruits and veggies and soups may decrease the amount of water you need.  Of course different body sizes have different needs, and any one-size-fits-all recommendation is not going to be exact.  Listen to your body.  Don’t over-hydrate because of numbers.  Drink lots of water, but because it feels good to do so, not to meet an arbitrary level.

See? Excellent common sense. {grin}

At the visit last week, we talked about the standard glucose test for gestational diabetes and ended up deciding to skip the test because it is extremely unlikely that I have gestational diabetes. This is what I like about midwives: flexibility, not “by the book” mentality.


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So. I am 18 ½ weeks pregnant. {!!} At this early stage…

  • We own 1 small yellow outfit, one cardboard baby book {appropriately titled “Hug Hug”}, one massive crib, one baby bottle, one stuffed monkey, two teething toys, two cases {?} of diapers, three irresistibly soft teddy bears, and nine pregnancy/childbirth books.
  • I have had two prenatal visits, both with midwives – one at Piedmont GYN/OB in Ballantyne and one at Carolina Community Maternity Center in Fort Mill – both indicating that this pregnancy is textbook perfect {baruch HaShem}.
  • Our ultrasound is less than two weeks away, on Monday the 24th at 7pm {when we’ll find out if Raspberry is a pink berry or a blue berry, as they say}.
  • Yes, I am “showing” and no, there haven’t been any strangers wanting to touch my belly. {grin}
  • We are starting to shop for a stroller and carseat. TOO MANY CHOICES.
  • Sadly, I have not felt any kicks yet. Apparently the berry is a calm, peaceful baby who enjoys sleeping and will rarely be whiny or fussy.
  • Next year at this time, Raspberry will be 7 months old. Amazing!