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the waiting game

We didn’t expect to wait THIS long for our Strawberry! I’m almost 42 weeks pregnant, with none of the “signs” that labor might be close. This past week has been a true emotional roller coaster, which I really don’t think a woman can understand until she’s been there. It caught me off guard this time, because second babies are well known for being more punctual than first ones.

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Day 3 of the Raspberry watch…

Had an appointment with Leigh today, and everything looks great! I am feeling really good. The days are going by pretty quickly, and as I get things done I keep thinking “wouldn’t have had the chance to do this if we’d had a baby last Sunday!” The instructions are to stay well-fed, well-hydrated, and well-rested until labor starts. Easy. {grin}

Decided I am not nearly miserable enough to try any drastic methods of self-induction {like castor oil}. I can at least wait until 41 weeks, and even then we’ll see. So ready to hold my baby though!! {& see if this whole nursing business is going to be as tricky as it sounds…}

Appreciate the continual encouragement from friends… I’ve had some really sweet messages and emails!

Recent conversation-
Greg {politely}: “Sweetie, there’s a knife in the dishwasher with the blade pointing up… do you know who might have put it there?”
Me {innocently}: “Probably Raspberry.”
Greg {horrified}: “You can’t blame an unborn child!


Note: so far, Raspberry has not been a Purim baby nor a Pi baby… still a chance for the Ides of March tomorrow, and after that looms the annoyingly green shadow of St. Patrick’s day {which would be totally fine, of course, because it’s my mom’s birthday}.

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Still waiting… {grin}

Finished my labor book today! It has a bunch of visually motivating pictures, with room for journaling thoughts during labor if I feel like it. A huge thank you to Julianna, Christine, and my mother-in-law Jeannine Bartos for showing they cared by taking the time to select + contribute pictures for me! Meanwhile, Mary has made me a 4-part playlist on iTunes, starting with energizing songs for the initial stage of labor and concluding with sweet, softer music for when the berry meets us. {!}

The amazingly friendly people at Trader Joe’s have sent me a lovely pink orchid in celebration of Raspberry! {via Julianna, who has been doing my grocery shopping} LOVE it!

Spending the rest of this evening with my darling husband, still just the two of us…