a Sukkot to remember

Sophia is starting to test our authority! She has become more willful in the last few weeks, wanting to grab things and shrieking loudly when she cannot have something. Yikes. Greg is determined that we will train her to be a calm and obedient child. It is hard to be firm with such an adorable […]

birthday {Greg} 2012

Last Saturday started with a surprise birthday breakfast for Greg, and ended with a surprise birthday party that night! A crowd of friends burst into our apartment shouting happy birthday, carrying a gift {striped fedora}, a cake {amaretto cheesecake made by Chef Julianna}, a card {signed by everyone}, a balloon {“Happy Birthday from ALL of […]


Well, I’m 39 weeks pregnant today. {!!} That’s more accurate than saying “1 week to go!!!” because we all know babies rarely appear on their due dates. {grin} However, my husband generously took the day off from work next Sunday to spend it with me, so it would be pretty convenient if Raspberry was born […]


This post is WAY overdue… because I’m struggling to find words to express simply overwhelming gratitude to my family. Each one of them has contributed to making this pregnancy a stellar experience, every moment of it. First of all, my sisters have consistently showered me with gifts over the past few months. I didn’t think […]

2 Months & Pictures!

A few weeks back, Greg & I went up to Southpark for a wedding photo shoot… which Julianna posted about on the Squicciarini Family blog. Here’s a few of our pictures! Last night we had dinner guests with a particular purpose – Greg wanted to thank my dad for his business advice + help, including […]

Pesach {1}

Baruch HaShem for a wonderful start to the Pesach week! Monday night we went to The Residence for a seder with my family, the Hergenreters {+ Jeremy Wright}, and the Garners {+ Alene Prevost}. My dad structured the evening so different portions were led by the 4 married men {since there are 4 cups} –such a neat idea! […]

3 Days

Blessed are You, Adonai my G-d, King of the universe, Who has kept me alive, sustained me and, through one miracle after another, has brought me to this time. Amen. *can’t believe* how much happened today… We were supposed to go grocery shopping this morning, have lunch at the apartment, and do a mikveh there. […]