Baby, Greg & Morgan, Planning


So. I am 18 ½ weeks pregnant. {!!} At this early stage…

  • We own 1 small yellow outfit, one cardboard baby book {appropriately titled “Hug Hug”}, one massive crib, one baby bottle, one stuffed monkey, two teething toys, two cases {?} of diapers, three irresistibly soft teddy bears, and nine pregnancy/childbirth books.
  • I have had two prenatal visits, both with midwives – one at Piedmont GYN/OB in Ballantyne and one at Carolina Community Maternity Center in Fort Mill – both indicating that this pregnancy is textbook perfect {baruch HaShem}.
  • Our ultrasound is less than two weeks away, on Monday the 24th at 7pm {when we’ll find out if Raspberry is a pink berry or a blue berry, as they say}.
  • Yes, I am “showing” and no, there haven’t been any strangers wanting to touch my belly. {grin}
  • We are starting to shop for a stroller and carseat. TOO MANY CHOICES.
  • Sadly, I have not felt any kicks yet. Apparently the berry is a calm, peaceful baby who enjoys sleeping and will rarely be whiny or fussy.
  • Next year at this time, Raspberry will be 7 months old. Amazing!


Greg & Morgan, Married Life


Greg & I spent a delightful day together, with an important baby update – we got a crib!! The Martins, a family from Bella Torah & long-time friends of the Squicciarini’s, brought us one which they no longer need for their own children {thank you!}. So we are now the happy owners of a beautiful Bassett crib, and after assembling it this afternoon, have been marveling at the size + sturdiness thereof. It shouts “BABY” whenever we enter the room. {grin} I love it! Can almost picture our baby sleeping there…