zoe’s arrival

Well, the waiting game finally ended. Gregory and I welcomed our second daughter into the world one month ago, with joyful amazement at the natural process of birth and awe at the new creation G-d placed in our lives. Our baby girl was born on October 18 {15 Heshvan}, and we have named her Zoe […]

starting a new year

We’ve reached half a year! Sophia was 6 months old yesterday. Wonder if I’ll be so meticulous in tracking small milestones with future children… {grin} So, an update. Sophia Ruth is a little over 13lbs… she is about 2′ tall, with soft light brown hair and big blue eyes. I think she looks like a […]

the story

Sophia’s birth was entirely unlike what I was planning. This is just a fact, not a complaint… as I hold my beautiful baby, nothing matters except that she is here. Her story begins with my water breaking at 9.30 on Wednesday night. Finally. We drove to the birth center an hour later. For the next […]


Well, I’m 39 weeks pregnant today. {!!} That’s more accurate than saying “1 week to go!!!” because we all know babies rarely appear on their due dates. {grin} However, my husband generously took the day off from work next Sunday to spend it with me, so it would be pretty convenient if Raspberry was born […]