What a tough day… emotional roller coaster. Got a “correction” this morning, a Biblical reproof, and for the first time {since finding out I was having a baby} started doubting myself… will I be a good mother? How can I raise a child if I still have so far to go? Completely fell apart… admittedly […]


yummy things today… fresh banana-oat cookies from Christine & Mary {out of this world!} Greg’s first 2011 birthday celebration… in true Squicciarini style SUPER excited phone call from Susannah Wine {<3!} baby chat with Lori Burroughs @ Trader Joe’s {including the big question: VW + car seat = ??} offer of a crib from TheMartins… […]

it’s official…

I’m pregnant!! We made the big announcement at Bella Torah yesterday… finally! It was so exciting to tell everyone. Greg & I are thrilled! We are expecting our baby next March {a long time from now}, right after our 1-year anniversary. It wasn’t really planned, but what perfect timing! {grin} So I’ve decided to blog […]