mikveh live-blog: a bride

This young woman asked me to help her create a special ceremony for the night before her wedding. A bride’s mikveh is a little different than a married woman’s monthly practice, but the main steps are the same. I was honored to be a resource for this occasion! The notes below are a live-blog {journaling in real-time} of her experience.



[9:32] I love how this ritual is cleansing from the outside first, from the very last extremities. I washed my hands and face and feel fresh.

[9:37] I’ve done my pre-shower dry brushing of my skin. I took a look in the mirror and assessed my body. My scars, my moles, my beautiful imperfections. Dry skin, oily skin, callused. My scalp, my feet, my eyes and ears. I am made in the image of God.

[9:39] Water is hot, time to shower. The maid has cleaned it so it’s pristine. I am so spoiled at this point in my life.

[10:05] I paid more attention to my body than I have in MONTHS. I feel so clean and healthy and strong! Water is running for the tub. The word that comes to mind with all the care I am taking is “INTENTION.”

[10:06-10:17] I read the blessings I need and recite them quietly but audibly as I release my muscles, and fall back into the water. I know my entire body needs to go under.

I take a moment under water each time, eyes tightly shut, listening to nothing but my innermost thoughts.

The first time I reflected on the faces, blessings, prayers, and words of encouragement from my family last night. I am so blessed.

The second time I thought about uniting with my husband under the chuppah tomorrow. When I came up the water mixed with tears running off my face. I’m getting married!

I took a moment to pray a personal prayer for my wedding and my marriage. 

I go under for a third time. This intention and scrupulousness for making myself clean has me thinking about the portion this week and last: it was all about different states of uncleanliness/impurity. I am clean, I am pure. In this moment I feel so close to God.

I know not to linger in the tub. I say the shehecheyanu blessing and unplug the drain. As I stand up I feel very naked. 

[10:18] I take the fresh, clean towel and carefully dry off from the top of my head to my toes. I am renewed.