mikveh live-blog: a husband’s perspective

In my original Mikveh page, I mentioned how it would be fascinating to hear a man’s perspective on the mikveh experience. My wonderful husband agreed to “live-blog” {journaling in real time} his thoughts at the next opportunity, so here is a glimpse into what goes on outside the mikveh!



[8:04pm] AHH! She’s in. The room and the bathroom all to herself. Anticipation is heightened! Time for push-ups and sit-ups. Gets the blood pumping.

[8:06] Well that was a good workout. KIDDING! Still working out.

[8:09] That’s enough. Getting out the paper to write down a poem and a list of ten things I love about Morgan. I don’t hear the shower yet so she is probably still preparing everything in the bathroom.

[8:11] Trash is stinky. Taking it out. Can’t have any foul smells within 500 ft!

[8:14] Poem time! Keep the handwriting passionate yet manly.

[8:17] AHH! The shower is on! So exciting. Anticipation – heightened even more.

[8:18] Baruch HaShem for such a wonderful, dedicated, righteous wife. Praise you Father for the privilege of being married to such perfection.

[8:22] Finished poem. On to the list. I could spend all day doing this. There is so much to say!

[8:26] Got the gift I’ve been hiding and set it on the table! I know she’ll love it. And I will too. 😉

[8:32] The shower stopped! Anticipation even more heightening! I’m sure she looks beautiful. I wish I was there to tell her that.

[8:37] Finished list. The tub is on! This is really happening! She must be so clean and feel so good right about now. I’m sure her hair looks like silk shimmering in the light.

[8:39] Drinking a smoothie and getting out wine glasses for later.

[8:41] Tub stopped! I love the thought of my wife praying and focusing all her attention on HaShem!

[8:44] Chocolate is out! Two dove chocolate pieces in a small bowl to represent the two turtledoves a woman offers.

[8:46] Getting the prayer ready! WOW THIS IS SO EXCITING! She is probably immersing still. Reminds me of the night before our wedding where we both immersed (separately, of course).

[8:48] Pulling up Song of Songs to read while finishing up. She is absolutely my beloved and I am hers.

[8:51] Candles are lit! Pulling up music! My heart is racing!

[8:56] Brush teeth, cologne goes on. I think she might be braiding her hair. Very sexy!

[8:58] Keep reading Song of Songs while pouring wine. Last minute straightening of the living room.

[8:59] Anticipation heightened more than ever!!! I cannot wait to see her beautiful face! I can’t think of anything else but her!

[9:01] I cannot wait to pray with her and then kiss her beautiful lips!

[9.03] {she enters…}





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