the lost friendship

I’ve learned recently that friendships can’t be forced. It’s been a tough lesson. A few years ago I spotted a potential friendship, and set to work developing it into an amazing bond that would last for years and years. By “work,” I mean investing. I really made this one a priority. I liked this young […]

being challenged

It was only a few weeks ago that our angelic, well-behaved toddler “tested the waters” of defiance by looking at me and saying NO when I asked her to put something away. She stated her point more strongly by tossing the toy on the ground and moving several steps away. I remember the moment clearly […]


What a tough day… emotional roller coaster. Got a “correction” this morning, a Biblical reproof, and for the first time {since finding out I was having a baby} started doubting myself… will I be a good mother? How can I raise a child if I still have so far to go? Completely fell apart… admittedly […]

7 Days / An Excellent Wife Finale

Gabriela Upham {I really love the name Gabriela‚Ķ so musical!} hosted a lovely party this afternoon honoring two brides, Autumn Gordon and myself. Autumn is getting married on May 1, just a few weeks after me. Mrs. Upham asked each person to bring a card with one of their favorite recipes on the front, and […]

12 Days

Continued the process of moving out of my parents’ home… have almost emptied my bedroom! Pretty soon all that’s left will be a bed and a tiny pile of clothes. There is more to this “leaving” process than I’ve heard from anyone… or maybe that’s because my family is unusually close. Woke up today with […]

21 Days

As I suspected, Thursday and Friday were fully occupied with the Valentine’s Day luncheon {wow, what a success!!}. Today I woke up to the fact that the wedding is 3 WEEKS AWAY!! We’ve been talking about music for the wedding… trying to decide what specific songs to use during the ceremony and what to play […]