the lost friendship

I’ve learned recently that friendships can’t be forced. It’s been a tough lesson. A few years ago I spotted a potential friendship, and set to work developing it into an amazing bond that would last for years and years. By “work,” I mean investing. I really made this one a priority. I liked this young […]

not one but two

In our family, we’ve found that the test of a father comes with the second child. When we only had one baby, Gregory was involved, but his responsibilities were limited, while my main job was caring for Sophia. I had warned him this would change when Zoe was born, and we’d have to ‘double up,’ […]


You’re probably thinking the title refers to one of my sweet baby girls. I’m actually talking about myself! I have a spouse who could be described as “steady,” which means he scrubs the bathtub for me and hangs up his own clothes. Today he took on a challenge which would leave many men shaking in […]

zoe’s arrival

Well, the waiting game finally ended. Gregory and I welcomed our second daughter into the world one month ago, with joyful amazement at the natural process of birth and awe at the new creation G-d placed in our lives. Our baby girl was born on October 18 {15 Heshvan}, and we have named her Zoe […]

the waiting game

We didn’t expect to wait THIS long for our Strawberry! I’m almost 42 weeks pregnant, with none of the “signs” that labor might be close. This past week has been a true emotional roller coaster, which I really don’t think a woman can understand until she’s been there. It caught me off guard this time, […]

january {2013}

since Hanukkah… my exceptionally talented brother has released his second album, to great acclaim. If you don’t have it yet, what are you waiting for?! {click here for more details} Which reminds me, Pete’s blog is amazing. I’ve almost decided to stop writing and just read what he comes up with. His posts can be […]