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eva joelle bartos

Eva’s birth is the best one I’ve had. I’m not sure why – perhaps my expectations were low and easily surpassed. Having a long (30 hour) labor with one child and a late (43 week) delivery with another has prepared me for either of those extremes happening again!

My due date, October 27, came and went, which was hardly surprising. We celebrated my dad’s birthday on the 29th and laughed about going into labor but I figured it would be a week or so. I was really ready to have the baby and yet, feeling pretty good. 

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aaron henry’s birth story

A year ago I was still pregnant! Aaron Henry’s birthday is tomorrow, and I’m finally taking the time to write down my memories from his birth.

My due date for Aaron was June 15, and when the pregnancy started we laughed about having a Fourth of July baby (because Sophia was born 10 days past her due date and Zoe was 19 days past hers). But as time went on and I got more uncomfortable, I started convincing myself he could be early! As usual for me, I looked seriously ready to pop by about 36 weeks. Those last few weeks were tough. I was working with a wonderful midwife, the same one I used with Zoe’s home birth, and she’s one of the most even-keeled people I’ve ever met. I remember telling her that I was crying almost every night, from all the emotions, and the hip pain, and the exhaustion, and she just nodded calmly and said yes, that’s quite normal. Continue reading “aaron henry’s birth story”

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aaron henry bartos

My son was born on June 18 at 2.17am. He is just as sweet and easygoing as I imagined a third child would be. He has brown eyes, a big appetite, and a smile that absolutely melts my heart.

He is named after his father, Gregory Aaron, as well as Aaron {the first High Priest, brother of Moses} found in the Bible, and after my grandfather Henry. We have a video clip from Aaron’s dedication service on the Bella Torah podcast.

This pregnancy was harder than the past two. I looked the same as I always do – a basketball shaped bump, except you could fit about five basketballs in my bump. The usual aches and pains just seemed worse this time around. Could have been because we had three children in four years, I guess! I’m hoping to give my body a little break now, and push myself to work out more consistently, to gain back some core strength.

Aaron Henry is 7 months now, starting on solids and close to crawling. He knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it! His older sisters adore him, and of course, so do I.


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announcing blueberry

Happy 2015! It’s a new year and {another} new phase for me… pregnant with #3, our highly-anticipated blueberry. My little boy is due at the end of June/beginning of July. I’m 21 weeks now and feeling great!

A few thoughts about this pregnancy:

[PRO] getting to set up a real “nursery,” finally!
[CON] everything I own is pink.

[PRO] a BOY!
[CON] the pressure of choosing the perfect name.

[PRO] already have pretty summer maternity clothes!
[CON] being a giant beach ball this June while my toddlers run circles around me.

[PRO] a huge incentive to potty train Sophia now!
[CON] the difficulty of potty training Sophia.

[PRO] my husband’s excitement to have a son!
[CON] labor… which I’ve said twice I’d never do again.

[PRO] everyone says it’s easier to go from 2 –> 3 children than from 1 –> 2!
[CON] 3 kids 3 and under {eek}.

[PRO] fulfilling the commandment of circumcision!
[CON] blazing a new trail, as usual.


Seriously though, we’re thrilled. And for the first time, I’m pregnant with one of my sisters! Christine is only a few weeks behind me. Based on how late Sophia and Zoe were {my womb is a super-happy place to be, apparently}, I actually think Christine will have her baby first… but who knows? This summer is going to be a beautiful adventure!



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tiny Spurlock baby,

We don’t get to meet you in this world after all, sweet baby. Oh, we wanted to. But our God planned things differently this time. He gave you to your mommy and daddy for just a short time, and then He took you back. We cannot argue with the One who creates and sustains our lives.

Were you a “potential life?” Did you have a soul? Will we meet you in the world to come? Where are you now? Are you playing with other unborn children in the garden of Eden?

I don’t know. All I know is that for the last six weeks, you have been the most thrilling secret, the most hoped-for event in our lives.

Little one, I wanted you to know how brave your mommy was. She carried you in her tummy, and she prayed for you every day, and she loved you so much. She saw the warning signs, and she prayed even more. And last Friday, she labored for hours, all alone, hurting so badly. I think she wanted to say goodbye to you by herself. The days she had with you were so precious that she wouldn’t give them up, even if she could. She is strong and beautiful, a mother you should be proud to have. May she be a mother to many children.

They say parting is such sweet sorrow. I feel the sorrow of your absence, but I also see the sweetness of your parents’ faith. It amazes me. They are righteous and devout, an example to us. We support them and encourage them and care for them, but most of all, we mourn with them right now. One day, we will rejoice with them. For everything there is a season.

hugs and kisses,

Aunt Morgan


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being challenged

It was only a few weeks ago that our angelic, well-behaved toddler “tested the waters” of defiance by looking at me and saying NO when I asked her to put something away. She stated her point more strongly by tossing the toy on the ground and moving several steps away. I remember the moment clearly because I got a rush of adrenaline. “I have to win this battle!” I thought to myself, shocked at the possibility of losing control of my daughter already, picturing a giant F next to my name as a parent.

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In Your loving arms we lay this wordless one so new…
The incarnation of our love we dedicate to You.
-Michael Card

Last month we had a dedication service for Zoe with our community, at my parents’ house. I wanted to mention it on here so I could record what we said about Zoe’s name. We have given both of our girls a short explanation of what their name means and why we chose it.

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