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Raspberry Day!

As I suspected, we didn’t get to meet Raspberry today. {sigh} I was hoping she might be among the 4% of babies who arrive on their due dates… but that’s ok. Greg made this such a fun day for me though! We cooked and cleaned together, took a walk around the park and a nap, had lunch al fresco, and spent the evening at my parents’ house where Julianna had planned an entertaining girls’ night. In between all this was Twitter chatter about how I was doing. {grin} Thankfully there weren’t any emails of inquiry, although it was a treat to get a few messages from far-away friends! {please don’t email to ask if I’ve had the baby yet. When I do, it will be posted right here, and until then, it only increases the feeling of impatience!}

Needless to say, I am so EXCITED about the week ahead!

baby trivia…

  • we have a stuffed monkey sleeping in Raspberry’s crib, dressed in a white onesie.
  • Greg has never changed a diaper.
  • whenever I do important things like taking a shower or vacuuming the house, I think “this could be the last time…”
  • I put up a shelf the other day, to hold wipes & stuff, and then it fell off the wall while I was showing it to Greg later.
  • I have started to wear the same black yoga pants every day, which is something I had promised myself would never happen. {but they are so comfy…}
  • now that the due date has officially passed, we’re starting to hear all kinds of ideas about encouraging labor to start! Apparently my in-law-in-laws, the Spurlocks, claim broccoli is a fail-proof method {eating it, I mean}. Right now I’m all about letting things take their course naturally, but as the week goes on I may change my mind about that. {wink}


3 thoughts on “3.11.12”

  1. The excitement is contagious. I’m praying and will continue to do so. I had a tree planted in Israel to celebrate Raspberry’s life and know her life will be full of Torah and mitzvot! Your sweet family has been such an example for my own, and I can’t wait for your new chapter to begin. Xxoxoxoxo.

    1. Julie, you had a tree planted for her?? In Israel?! That is the coolest idea! You are so thoughtful! When I first read this comment I was so touched by your kindness. Thanks for being a part of the “Raspberry journey!” <3!


  2. Morgan – how exciting to wait for Raspberry and see her life take form outside of the womb! It’s been a blessing to see you at Purim and can’t wait to meet Miss. Bartos!

    Praying and continue to pray for a safe delivery and lots of blessings.

    The “shelf” line took me back to the days when I was expecting my first child and took on a whole room decor. My shelf came off the wall too 🙂


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