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mezuzah party & robinson-russell wedding

This week we passed the 3-month mark, as I mentioned, and celebrated by hosting a “housewarming” party Monday night. There were about 20 people here, our largest social occasion to date, and we had a great time! The evening centered around the performance of a mitzvah, as it should: affixing our mezuzah to the front door. Our beautiful mezuzah was something Greg gave me when he asked me to marry him. I’ve kept it in a little Brighton bag ever since then, waiting for the day we would nail it to the door of our home. Although we could have hung it up sooner by ourselves, we wanted to gather friends together to witness the event – and I’m so glad we did! In commemoration we opened a bottle of Yarden Brut, an Israeli champagne given to us as an engagement gift by the Spurlock family.

Still getting used to running events solo, but fortunately Christine helped me with all kinds of advice and she came over early, bringing snacks + a huge bouquet of giant sunflowers.

We had asked each guest to bring a blessing for our home, but didn’t specify what type of blessing, so we ended up with some meaningful written blessings, as well as some physical ones, like a bottle of wine, from our thoughtful friends.

I want to wish you both congratulations on your 3-month anniversary and new home! May HaShem bring your marriage every blessing imaginable & fill your cup to overflowing. May you always delight in the love of G-d and of each other! I Corinthians 13.13: “and now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.”
Enjoy your new home! May you be a blessing to everyone around you as you use your home and your wonderful gift of hospitality! Much love,
Happy home! 🙂 You guys are already so hospitable in your new place. We hope this gift card just adds to the beautiful home you’ve already begun to create. We love you both dearly and enjoy being your friends!
-Love Emily & Jeremy
Congrats on your reaching the three-month milestone in your marriage! May HaShem bless your home always with perfect peace. May it be a place of refuge from the world’s troubles. May it be a place filled with HaShem’s presence, and may He reward you for so graciously following our father Abraham’s example in opening your home to others. Many blessings,

{thank you all for such kind words!}

I love having friends over. Our goal as a couple and as a family is to continually practice hospitality {cheerfully sharing food, shelter, and spiritual refreshment with those G-d brings into our life} through every circumstance. If we don’t open our home when we’re tired, when we don’t feel up to it, when we have an early morning the next day, when we’ve had a really busy week, when we don’t have enough space, or when our house isn’t perfect, then we’ll never do it, right?! Anyway, that’s our intention… now for putting it into practice.

The week concluded with a wedding yesterday – Chris Russell & Brenna Robinson were married at Ballantyne Country Club and we were delighted to be there and celebrate with them. On the way there we read the Sheva Berachot in honor of them, and I found a recording on YouTube that sounds exactly like a Hebrew opera! We didn’t really know anyone else there, although we have met the Russell & Robinson families before, so basically it felt like a very elegant dinner date. We even got to dance! {yes… we do occasionally dance}. It was quite an enjoyable evening, and we made it home in time for havdalah, an extra blessing! We are hoping to have Chris & Brenna over for dinner when they return from their honeymoon and settle into married life.


3 thoughts on “mezuzah party & robinson-russell wedding”

  1. What a gorgeous top/dress you’re wearing! You and Greg look so perfect together. And lovely mezuzah! I’m so glad your apartment allowed it- our last place sure made a fuss!

  2. why thank you! It’s a White House Black Market dress I got last year. Funny story – right after we walked into the country club, I’m standing there waiting for Greg and I hear a woman nearby say to her friend “oh I’m so glad I didn’t wear THAT dress” and realize she’s talking about mine! So I looked over, surprised, and she adds “I have it too.” {she was obviously wearing a WHBM dress & shoes}. I figured the best thing to do was laugh & say we both have great taste! Then Greg was followed around by a woman insisting he was one of the ushers and needed to go join them in preparation for the ceremony. Crazy! :))

    As a matter of fact, didn’t check with the apartment management. {grin} If they have a problem with it I’m sure they’ll let us know though… can you protest a mezuzah ban with freedom of religion? Seems like they would have to allow us to practice our religion. But I’m new to the whole apartment thing. 🙂


  3. I was told that once you “add” something to an apartment- such as a satelite dish, door knob, and basically anything that you have to cause “damage” to the apartment to add, it becomes the property of the apartment! Insanity. I’m sure they won’t say anything, and you’re a smart cookie to not even ask!


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