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thirteenth week of married life

Sunday marked 13 weeks of marriage, but more importantly, yesterday was our 3-month anniversary!

Sunday night wrapped up a terrific 4-week series called “What’s So New About the New Covenant,” a study of 2Corinthians 3 + Hebrews 8 written by Tim Hegg and presented by Rick Hergenreter. The classes are designed to clarify the use of covenant terminology in those passages, and they have been such a good review for moi + great fellowship with the community!

We celebrated Memorial Day with all the “families:” Squicciarini, Bartos {minus Greg’s sister who wasn’t able to make it}, Spurlock… and us! It’s a great mix of people, and I have a feeling we’ll be doing more with this crowd as time goes on.

One of the nights Greg worked late last week, I had to chance to spend an evening with my parents, just the three of us! It is so special to have time alone with them, more so because of the rarity. We talked about serious things {like marriage, family relationships, raising children, etc.} in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. While there I finished my first crochet project of married life, a little pink baby bib for our next door neighbor who’s expecting a girl in July!

We were back at The Residence for Erev Shabbat, privileged to be part of the first Friday night dinner Julianna’s young man spent with the Squicciarini family. Dinner was meatless spaghetti pie alfresco, with gluten-free challah bread + mushroom milenta {millet polenta – very gourmet}. I contributed the second fruit tart of 2011, debuting a new rice chex/almond crust… quite a success! We LOVE going over to The Residence, but we certainly don’t want to take advantage of my family’s hospitality or wear out our welcome, so we sometimes hesitate before accepting their frequent invitations. My dad took time at dinner to make sure we knew how much they wanted us there, which was so thoughtful! Then my clever husband presented “The Top 10 Reasons Erev Shabbat at the Squicciarini’s is the Best” in the style of David Letterman’s Top 10 lists, making everyone laugh and adding additional merriment to our evening.

Speaking of taking advantage, we realized today that we’ve never talked about accepting financial help from our families: whether we should or not, how we feel about that situation… Surprised me to find a subject that hasn’t ever come up before!

You know what? I am so proud of my husband. He is amazing and I love him so much.



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